The saga unfolds.

Welcome to The Ederren.

Here you will find excerpts, lore and short stories from the other world. Maybe one day it will see publication. Many lives, many perspectives, all bound in the same world. Regular updates no longer a possibility.

Enjoy your stay.

Lore, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

Between, below.

Between the reeds which cover the ancient path is a whisper heard by few. Guarded by time and inconvenience, it sits quietly out of the way. Continue reading “Between, below.”

Sagas, Short story


An awkward relief and silence always fills the battlefield when the fighting is done. What once were screams and bashing and clashing of metal and wood is now replaced a gentle breeze, the distant celebration of those who survived, and the agonized cries of those who barely escaped death. Continue reading “Aftermath.”