The saga unfolds.

Thanks for coming. This will be where I place small samples of the world of the Ederren. An as yet unpublished (though hopefully not for too long) fantasy world which is followed through the millennia, through various eyes by those of mortal and arcane blood.

Most posts here are unedited and some are written rapidly without checks. Regardless, feel free to leave thoughts, comments or discuss what you see.

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Hyner’s task -An extract from ‘The Kýd’.

The following takes place over the Kreden straits in the time of Meven Kýd, High King of Oién-Thu. During a time of strife and upheaval, the High King is brought over the Arcane bridge to the great island which crests the land. As the High King deals with the strife which has come, he sends a child to summon a Sage with an old ritual. Continue reading “Hyner’s task -An extract from ‘The Kýd’.”