'The Rovessian' excerpt, Excerpt, Sagas

Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.

I placed the jug beside the bed as she sat me back against the headboard, as quickly she stood upon the bed and moved her body most sensually. I could not believe my fortune, and indeed questioned my leaving, but at least I could return this way and bring her home with me to Roves, or at least allow her to believe it. No sense in ruining a complementary evening. Barely could I contain myself, as Lasel began removing the rest of her clothes, still dancing above me moving down, slowly coming closer as she forbade me from touching her.

“I don’t want you to spoil your treat,” she said, that smile of mischief still upon her. Though she did not protest at all as I began to struggle with my pants, feeling the need to remove them. I was fumbling with the knot. Fumbling quite a lot it seemed, I tried to gather myself. But it seemed my fingers began growing numb, which spread to my hands and arms. Lasel continued dancing naked above me, as I struggled to move myself, in that moment I could not understand why it seemed she did not notice at all. Then it dawned on me, about the time my legs no longer functioned, and fear shot through my body.

If it were just that I were to be robbed, that would not be the worst I have encountered, but I held things upon me which determined the fate of my people, and this little bitch had drugged me, probably immune to her own poison. My eyelids began to flutter, growing heavier by the moment. “Finally,” I heard her say, as she stopped completely with her dance. Her voice and actions began to sound now as though she were far off in the distance. The room and even my body all felt as though they were spinning back and forth.

“Let’s see what I’ve been working for all night,” she said, “You’d best be worthwhile or I’ll sell you off as meat.” I felt her body against mine again, as she began to undo the cords on my belt, which held not only the enchanted pouch, but helped hide the dagger of Machten rock. I continued panicking, doing all I could to avoid the sleep, and summoned up all my power to raise my arm and slap her across the face. Hard enough at least to push her off the bed, and as she fell I followed, we lay next to each other on the floor. With the very last of all my strength, and hoping all was still with me, I vanished into the shadows and rolled myself under the bed.

The world spun faster inside my head as I clung to consciousness with all I had inside the shadows. The last thing I recall before all went black however, were the horrified screams of Lasel as she pulled herself up from the floor and ran naked throughout the tavern, her clothes still hanging from the bed.

“Mage!” she screamed in frenzied panic, as all others who were in that place ran with her outside as though the tavern were on fire. I do not know how long I vanished from the world and into that drugged sleep which held me fast, but such strange visions and sounds I heard, far different from the dreams which had begun to hold my sanity to ransom. I swear I heard a voice off in the distance as if a mumble, but each and every word was clear as day as it met my ears. They came from a figure that lay upon the floor beside the bed, as someone laying on their stomach, head held aloft by folded arms and staring at me in the shadows. The words rang clear.

“Your level of naiveté is hilariously evident” the figure said, as its hand extended and flicked my forehead. And as that happened, the figure vanished, and suddenly I was awake, rising quickly to ensure for the moment I was alone and all my possessions remained upon me. But as I rose, I neglected to recall my location, though this was soon remedied and I remembered all too well, as my forehead met the frame of the bed. If I was not awake before then, I was now.

I slowly climbed out from under the bed, still surrounded by my shadows, and as I cupped my forehead then, my other hand explored my body, ensuring the toe remained around my neck, the dagger under my armor, and purse still on my belt. All was in its place, as I hesitantly left the shadows, and breathed a sigh of relief while wondering if the Varaí now removed the effect of the drug from me.

Though I was now awake and mostly recovered, I still stumbled slightly as I moved. I would have made more of an effort to look out the window, but it was too high up on the wall, and I did not trust my legs at this point. Slowly I composed myself and left the room, taking my time as I moved down the hall, ensuring all the places where I could check were empty, so I would not be attacked from behind.

Down the stairs I went where the candles still lit each step, I had noticed nothing of this on my way up thanks largely to the woman which occupied my vision. Holding tightly to the railing all the way down those stairs, and looking throughout the bar below without making contact with the floor, I became satisfied that there was nobody there. All the tables lay as though each patron had simply vanished, cups half full and full littering their surfaces, as did the occasional coin or personal effect.

I made certain that all portable wealth would find a new home, and even went behind the bar. After all, my coin had paid for a restful experience, and perhaps constructive night of rest and relaxation, and here I was to leave empty handed, the room unused for such enjoyable purpose.


4 thoughts on “Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.”

  1. You weave a very intriguing tale, which held my attention from beginning to end. Well done and thank you for visiting the Tuesday Chatter Cafe. reblogged


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