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Traders and talismans.

Of all the things which traders peddle, lay on tables embraced by silks and set by a price, it’s the trinkets and talismans which often garner the most attention. Of all the most precious of metals they appear made, by craftsmen deep in a forgotten past which explains their dents, scratches and unsightly sides. Their jewels too hold promise, the light of the sun made into stars on any surface they are held against.

But ever so much more belies those little gems and metal houses, or as any good and maybe unscrupulous trader would tell. It is not always about the craftsman or the shine and polish. Nor is it about gems or owners from long ago in places whose names are unpronounceable to all save for the Sages. What it always returns to, more important than anything else, is of course the story of the item itself.

Some are said to hold great power, to weave visions in the eyes and ears of friend or foe to obtain a willing follower who would gladly give all, including their own life to the bearer. Others bestow prowess in one or many fields, be it upon the battlefield with sword or shield or spear, or perhaps something else desirable, with the conquest not of the field of war but the field of love instead.

Whatever they might be, there is always a story, and more often than not, a warning. For some of these items gave things which were not intended by those who used their power. Frighteningly enough to the wise are those items which gave exactly what was asked for. It comes from the lives of those who obtained all they wished without effort and had nothing else to gain. Their lives became a focus of ridding themselves of these items, but too often fate would intervene.

A follower would see the item missing and search without relent until it was reunited with their master. Perhaps the items themselves were a curse, forcing themselves to reunite with their owner through the power of the arcane. Some of these items though are cursed by previous owners, often to kill any new owner or one who would seek to misuse such power. Not for spite, but for mercy. To see that others would not suffer as they have.

But most of all, one must always be aware. The traders almost always know a secret, one which they openly share with a wink and a smile to other traders who might barter or seek another to sell such items to. That secret is the greatest of all. Most do not have the eye to spot a difference between colored glass and gems, and some gold is made for fools.


via Daily Prompt: Talisman


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