Finding a tavern while wandering.

How can you tell as a traveler that you have found a place worth drinking in? Well, take it from one that has been here and there, coasts far and wide and valleys deep and above to peaks capped with snow. The first thing to know of course, is that is exactly how your beer should be. In a mug as wide as the coasts are apart, so deep as the greatest valleys, and covered with pure white froth which invites you to rest your legs.

Avoid at all costs a tavern or inn where the drink and women are cheap or easy to haggle. For if you wake up in such a place in the morning, you will do so with naught to cover your shame. But avoid in equal measure where the price will not be stated and paid up front, or your traveling will end as you are forced to pay your debt with work on the wage of an innkeeper’s child.

Take the same that the locals drink should anything else be on offer. For just as was told before it might offer a chance to be singled out. And be sure that before that drink will touch your lips that you bedding is arranged and paid. If fortune smiles upon you, perhaps a lock to ensure your dreams will end in the morning. Many are those who slept in the glow of a brew that sent them to sleep, only to be kept that way by a dagger as their remains were cast to the woods.

When it is time to finally partake to savor the first few sips. It should chill the throat and delight the tongue as it dives from belly to brain. When concerned finally with drink and no longer the location, remember this: That most important of all, a good brew should do the job. And if it cannot then you must pray that you have found a tavern that you can afford, one worth racing sobriety in.


via Daily Prompt: Froth


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