Sagas, Weekend

Weekend message.

Saturday is a confused day. On one hand it’s a regular day. On the other it wants to be the end of other days. I wonder what upset it and Sunday so much that they want to always end the week. But, no time for philosophizing now. It’s time for the weekly message which uncharacteristically took a whole week to see publication from the last weekly weekend message. It’s…

..The weekend message. Yes, that time of the week where we reflect on days gone by. But not too many. That would lead to a fortnight message or even a monthly one. Maybe even a [spoiler]yearly thing (probably not despite the spoiler warning[/spoiler] regardless of how that may lead to complications.

Here we are together on a page. How did we get onto this 2D point? Nobody knows. But so long as we’re in this dimension together, how are you? Get that thing you wanted? Manage to get a word with that person who does that thing (you know the one)?

I’m fine personally. But that’s besides the point.

As always, a big thank you to commenters, messagers, followers and subscribers. It is a great way to continue going on with such support.

For passers by, hello there, nice to see you. Why not stick around and join this little corner?

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this place. Even non-friends, I won’t get involved.

In any case, happy weekend. See you again next week.


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