Lore, Sagas, Short story

Of fables.

A house must always stand with only one at its head. Divisions of thought can always sit and be discussed before they are put to rest. But a voice spoken loudly from every corner of a house in competition and disagreement with each other will not only shake the foundations in the unrest they cause, but also allow for weakness to be heard and shown. So that even if a fight from within does not bring a house down, those outside certainly will. For only the unity of kin and folk allow for a home to stand.

In the northern realms of both sides of the great seas there are stories about just this. Fables which warn of disharmony and the voices of others within the home. They are stories told directly from experience of similar things long before the God War. Things which only the Sages hold detailed memory of.

None the less, these fables have formed life for centuries in those places, where now and then the lesson is forgotten, only to once again resurface and bring memory together with experience to a new light. Too often the young forget the stories of the old or dismiss them as just stories without meaning or hint of truth. But always there will be those to take hold of opportunity. And with both hands grasp so hard that the opportunity itself is suffocated.

There are many fables spread about the world. Forgotten realities and often ashamed histories hidden behind a lesson so many wish not to hear. Whether because they do not wish to confront a blow to pride or deny their ideas hold fault, the only certainty that comes from those who do not listen is that the lesson will repeat. It will repeat until it is learned. Otherwise it will repeat until all which is held dear is gone. Banished and purged from memory, turned to evil figments of the imagination, worthy of destruction and a disappearing legacy. Lost by their own hands.





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