Lore, Sagas, Short story

Those explorers.

There are some people who follow not the teachings of years ago. Nor to they pay heed to warnings and stories of ancient heroes or fantastic creatures. They must know this and that and never consult the Sages, for they are steeped in old tradition which certain explorers and others have felt must be moved onward from. The assumption that old ways shoud be shunned.

The woods about the world are home to creatures known mostly by stories, just as the places which they live whether they are made by nature’s hand, folk of history or others simply unknown. There are some folk who seek out such places without regard for ancient ways and stories. And some make the mistake of straying from well trodden paths lain long ago in pacts with conjurers, gods or other creatures.

One must never forget the story of the explorers who wished to make their name and fortune. Those who sought to change their lives while forsaking all they were told. Their names are now forgotten, but the group earned their place in another story. One of their own making.

And so it is that they are remembered, the explorers strayed from the planned path and made a life changing discovery, they found that all they knew had never been and all they hoped was wrong. They found their dreams and far flung tales told to children had been right all along, that their pride had come to stand in the way and deny what was known all along.

Too late the explorers discovered that the faerie folk give no quarter, and no matter how hard and fast you run or to which ancestor or god you beg, their hunger is insatiable. They come at speeds unnatural and with a ferocity unseen. They are those who rule to ancient paths and forests above all creatures untouched by the Arcane.




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