Sagas, Short story

Those of little value.

The enticed and the jealous think not of who they are but rather who they want to be, who they are and how they should in turn hate the fact that another has accomplished more. All things become an affront to them, a direct attack on their name. As they try to lay claim to all things, having nothing of value in themselves. The broken, decrying all things whole.

They are those who rely on wealth, fragility and the appearance of strength to obtain what they wish. But more than this, they continue their existence by selling, as a trader who pushes his wares into another’s hands and demands payment, that theirs is the way of right and that honor should be bent to suit their own needs.

So is their greatest foe the men and women who not only defy them, but refuse to pay for what is on offer. They are those who take the trader’s wares and force them back into the trader’s arms while forcing him to the ground and with a blade to the throat, and demand an apology, or else. Some of them may give in and rightfully apologize, but others are so invested in their dream of right, they will call for aid and weave a tale of woe in which they are not the aggressor.

Those enticed by status and coin do not care for the way in which they are obtained, or what responsibilities they bring. They seek only to further themselves and insist all others are in the wrong. Their ideas of honor are flexible, but only to their own ends, as all others must be held to account to the standards which the enticed could never hold themselves.

There are creatures which seek them out, those vile and honorless folk. The great shame above having such people is that those creatures are not greater in number.



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