The sky’s lights.

When the dark of night holds fast the world and the sun so long away, the sky bears still light from above as it has for all of time. More than a single brilliant source that scatters shadows to hide from its light, this light comes to reveal itself more than anything else.

There is a band of light with stretches high above the world. As though caught mid way through carrying out the order of lining up one after the other. The march of stars like a great serpent silently making its way across the sky, a band of light streaking across the heavens leaving other stars as sand cast to the wind.

Lighting the night below when not hiding behind the clouds, always present when the sun leaves the world behind. Always traveling, always static as a ship adrift without oars or wind for the sail. There is no current to carry it on, and so it remains. With all it otherwise needs to move on it remains stranded and unable or unwilling to go.

Between the light of stars there sits clouds now here and there. Some say it might be dust from this great serpent of light wriggling in a desperate attempt to move. Others that they are clouds of rain and storms which hold so many worlds within their grasp. No matter what it is or where it hopes to go, it vanishes like so many shadows once the sun comes from its rest.

3 thoughts on “The sky’s lights.”

  1. Great descriptions and images, it really pulled me in. I liked how you described “the great serphant of light.” That image in particular was very strong. Cheers.

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