Short story


“It is as it is” I think to myself as I remain in place. The walls echo with my breath and every sigh that comes when a realization is made that nothing else is done or being planned when it all should. The thought returns again that plans should be made, that things should all be done, and still “It is as it is” as nothing else happens.

Perhaps if I were to light a candle, a temporary shift in action to motivate the rest. Perhaps were I to scream at the heavens, the heavens would scream back. With silence gone, an idea might take root.

Distractions, distractions all of them, detracting from what must be done. The air grows stale around the inactivity, I must move to make something happen. Yet still I stay awaiting a plan, considering the options, what options there are but mostly those that are not.

I could jump from my own skin I feel as my urge to go and drive only grows, launching itself in leaps and bounds, unrestrained from all things. Except, I stay in place and think, dull to all my own thoughts as they wander at a snail’s pace to the frenetic wishes of my limbs.

Forget it all, I shall grab my sword and do with battle what plans cannot. Though my thoughts are in the doldrums, it is still time to act.



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6 thoughts on “Haste.”

  1. Well done, Nascent! This superbly written piece and I agree with your last line –
    Though my thoughts are in the doldrums, it is still time to act. Thank you for joining in the challenge. 🙂

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