Sagas, Short story, Weekend


Upon the grandest peaks and broadest plateaus, in cities sunken by age or angry gods and the darkest corners of winding caves, so sought he that woman he loved. Though they had never met, he knew her heart and would tear the world asunder for but a hint of where she had been trapped.

Through empires, kingdoms and wild lands he went. Never once entertaining the thought that he sought out a dream. Never once giving up hope that he would hold her in his arms that one beautiful day when fate would smile and the stars align.

He came across an ancient place, unused for all the world by any for centuries and ages beyond. But here it was, he knew it at once, it was a place completely unlike the others. Here he could feel her presence emanating from deep within.

His heart raced and he ran into the dark. He would liberate his love and she would would celebrate the light and love that they would be destined to share forevermore. Through halls and passages he went, he knew just where to find her. He ran ever harder as his footfalls grew ever more quiet.

“He’ll come today” she thought, “he’s right outside the door, and sought me when no other did”. She waited to hear the sound of his voice and witness the force of his kicks against the door. In a whisper she spoke to the walls, “Perhaps today it will be true, maybe one day it will be more than a dream”.



A response to a prompt.


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