Sagas, Short story

One to the other.

Fear not to leave the light, to wander beyond the mists and in the shades where wicked things plot and terrifying creatures await. For those things linger in the light just the same, though many hide their form.

One must always balance their sight, both in the dark and in the light, to grow accustomed to what may be. Each takes its time in its own way to be seen as they hide in their own place.

Many seek out only light for its virtue, yet for all its virtue, it holds secrets behind its blinding gleam. So it would seem, that honest comes from where one knows the monsters hide.

For in the dark where horrors hide, one might also find there solace. For even memory may fade in the darkest places, unable to seek out those who would remember.

In the dark the horrors may hide, perhaps ready to strike and kill until there is nothing to be found.

In the light, the horrors hide too. Their strikes equally unseen. Though while the threat of dark will end when light has come to illuminate all, those of the light keep hiding, just as comfortable in the dark. Where even the wild beasts and horrors of the shadows are disgusted by the dishonest and honorless fiends that hide within plain sight.

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