Poem, Sagas, Short story, Weekend

My song.

What a beautiful song it was which sung itself in my head. With a melody unheard and unspoiled, and a drum which knew when to sound.

What a beautiful sound that carried itself all about the corners of thought, where nightmares and dreams converge and diverge to be made and fall then again.

And it sang in silence aloud, in words I would not hear again. And the shadows which linger in thoughts and dreams all danced in that moment so sweet.

Oh for the melody and wonder of sound which never was heard by an ear. That song which was all and nought, but a memory leaving too soon.

One day by hope or by change it will come to happen again, that I will chance upon music so sweet to hold in my heart and my ears.

6 thoughts on “My song.”

  1. Beautiful and nostalgic piece. I think any of us writers can connect with this poem, songs we heard that slipped into the ether before we could capture them. Songs we long to hear again. I am confident your prophecy in the last lines will be fulfilled! Thank you for stopping by the Go Dog Go Cafe today and sharing your work.

    S Francis

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