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The stall.

All they would ever want would be to wipe away all that comes as natural. From the setting of a fire to the skinning of the hunted, those who would seek to destroy a folk, do so from stripping what they know.

It comes from the market stalls, those who yell in crowded places, eager to show their meager pickings and items priced by gleam. Their job is to fleece the unwitting and convince them that the price is worth the trouble.

Why cast a net in early dawn when one could be lazy and buy from the market, why hunt for stag or swine when what is declared the tenderest of cuts lay sitting before you wrapped in cloth and twine.

All the world is far too complicated for you to act of your own accord and skill. Why not simply give up all that you know and all that those before you taught for the convenient little price of that simple market stall.

One might think it but a simple coin to be exchanged, yet far more is given away every single time.





A prompt response.

8 thoughts on “The stall.”

  1. While I have to allow that this might have been the way in many places, In Britain at least it was Forest Law that forbade hunting, and the lords… mostly churchmen… that forbade the fishing in rivers. This formed the kernel of Robert Ketts’ rebellion in C16th, though he’s better known for rebelling against the enclosure of common lands… another reason why common folk lost their skills. As for the monied classes, if they could buy, why do the graft? Unless it’s done as sport!
    But aside from that, I liked your approach. Truly 🙂

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  2. It was human skills that built our countries, which now go unappreciated. Greed, AI, and laziness have taken over. Life skills, organizational skills, and trade skills such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. are becoming a lost art.
    Excellent post and so timely due to a fast-changing world. Thank you for participating.

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