Poem, Sagas, Short story

Before the battle.

Say they what we will, but we know it in our hearts. Today we are as evil, as creatures who thirst for blood. But it is our blood and land which has been taken by those who care but for their own.

As true as it was yesterday, so too today and tomorrow to come. So true shall it remain for as long as our folk have hearts beating in our chests, blood running through our veins which we would gladly give for each other and the promise to never again see yesterday.

So it is we end the reign of tyrants overt and not. So it is we pick up arms to kill before we become the killed.

We fight not for hatred of what stands before with blades held in their hands but instead for love of all beside us, and the folk who stand behind.

We will march through day and night, we we sleep exposed to rain and snow, at any cost it comes, we fight to end the life we know, so our children will know it not.

And when the shackles are removed as we took then our stand, we will know tomorrow is then made by our will, our hearts, our hands.





A prompt response.

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