Excerpt, Lore, Sagas, Short story, Weekend

Lore draft.

A brief draft of chatter between a Primal and a Sage with thoughts relevant even outside fantasy.

“You are what you are Sage, and do what you were bidden just as your kind.

For when the thunder cracks to terrify and enthrall the world, you will write the words and say that which had happened.

For centuries to come and ages innumerable those words will be read, and read as simply words which sit upon the page.

But one day one will understand, and look upon that page. And they will read not of the words or whispers, but of the events which they describe. They will hear within the words the acts and words of long ago, and once again that thunder will crack and echo throughout the sky to terrify and enthrall once more.

That, Sage, is why you are. You recall what memory forgets, and awaken in those who know the things that were.

You, Sage, remember and begin. You see the end and start it all anew. And you do that with your pen that men will do with swords.”


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