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The waters whisper [archive].

The waters hold as much truth as they do mystery. They have been the not so silent witness in puddles, streams and rivers, seas, oceans and rains. Yet so often are they disregarded as knowers of what was and is. There are many lessons which are to be learned by the sea. Whether standing on the shore in search of fish or taking a ship out to hunt whales or discover new lands, or the glory of conquest.

The waters can always teach lessons to those who care to take a moment and learn to listen. Though far too many these days are certain of their certainties, that they have no need for the knowledge which surrounds them. It is when they turn their back on the obvious all around them in their pride, that all that is most precious to them is taken without remorse or relent.

As one stands along the rivers, their feet planted firm and still as an oak, there is no need to exert oneself on that which may come on its own. Should one learn to tie a line and work with care before they reach the shore, one will need only patience to see their goals accomplished. Though a practiced eye may help to find the greatest spot, patience will bring that experience. Rushing to chase and force a result will only bring wet clothing and the sour taste of defeat.

The rains will come and pour down upon the world when they will and the sky opens up to allow them. To the fields and beasts upon them they offer a drink to the parched and sustenance for all. From the single blade of grass to the greatest of woods it comes. Though for the earth it comes too, bringing vast shifting in the world and causing mud to slide down mountainsides and floods to encompass cities, villages and plains, erase paths or stores of grain. Even as it brings life, one can hear those rain drops speak and know that even the greatest of inconveniences or even evils, may come for a greater good. At times, some things should be buried or washed away to preserve and make once again that which is good.

Those that hunt or explore, or those that seek conquest or fortune, they too have lessons to hear from the great and far off waves of the open sea. Whether for whale or foe, one must keep constant vigilance, lest a wave of trough keep you from your meal or victory. Though patience is required, so too a practiced hand, to ensure that wind and water work together on your side. For these things too one must always keep a calm and level head, the waters will constantly test and weed out the weak or foolhardy. Only those who know this and to show respect to the open water which seems to breathe itself, will feel solid earth beneath their feet again.

Lastly, one must remember to only allow as much as they must. As waves grow and water splashes its way into your craft, there is little to fear of a drop or broken cask filling your vessel. But letting too many splashes or ignoring too many broken casks, will soon leave you without a boat. And the sea is never as comfortable or forgiving as a craft built by your hands or those of your folk. For even a craft built by one who might become a foe could carry with it secrets that will see you lost to land forever. Only folk and kin have a true interest in seeing you live and grow old, as when blood is shared, so is history, so are wounds and memories of honor and war.

Far too many rush headlong into their certainties. Their graves often lay empty, tended by those they left behind. The waters may be unforgiving, but it binds us like kin. Each knowing and remembering a history which so many refuse to hear.

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