Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

The reward of sacrifice.

It as a wonder that comes from the face of a winsome child. Their laughs and smiles knowing certainty of the world and their place within.

To do as they are bid, to eat, to play. To cause and be the recipient of mischief, to sing and see a world of delight and magic that enraptures and surrounds.

It is for their elders to make of the world a place in which a child can hold such dreams as true.

By blood and sweat, by trials and tears, the suffering of age makes true the delight of the young.

For one day they will be the one to sow and reap, to fight and die. But they as children are to hold that innocence for a while. To let the dream stay as something more than a dream.

For them, the sound sleep comes from their certainty. For those of age who know better, it is that moment in which the winsome faces are seen that all hardships are made worthwhile.




A prompt response.

5 thoughts on “The reward of sacrifice.”

  1. Thanks for having me. It would be a benefit to all if the elders of such children would make not only hard choices, but perform similar acts no matter the words or scathings which might come. Not just for theirs, but those beyond.


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