Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

A last thought.

Whoever thought that it would come to be this way. The marble once smooth and pristine left crumbled and shattered, the silks ripped and torn from their forms and forced from the elegance that was.

Whoever thought that the gates would not hold, that the walls would be rendered useless, as though a breeze would take arms and think so little of the efforts to keep safe what’s inside.

There were of course a few who knew, not by what they could but by cycles. As all things come and go to rise so it may fall, so too did we, have we.

With the certainty that whatever could happen would never happen to me, so too did we ridicule those who had gathered their weapons and provisions in home. They made their escape, and with food in their hands, left so rightfully all others behind.

So certain we were, we knew all that was. So certain we were loved by many more, for open we did the gates to the world, ’til the world came to take what was ours.

Too little too late the world came in sight as a vision of all that quite is. And now what remains will just crumble to dust at the hands who care not for what was.




A prompt response.

6 thoughts on “A last thought.”

  1. An excellent piece, Nascent. Your words are wise and reflect the thoughts of many. I feel we’ll make it through but what we will see on the other end is worrisome. I hope we learn something from this. Take care.

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  2. Thank you. From experience, I think the lesson will be learned until it’s forgotten and it will certainly never happen again (or at least not to x).
    I think the Kingship fable is more important to a decent future.

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