Lore, Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

A gesture.

It was a simple wish as far as all things go. With the best of all intentions, just how all things come to an end.

A selfless act one would think , one to which the Gods would look down and smile. But oh such a nightmare comes from the joys one hopes to bring to all.

A wish was offered, a single wish to where there were no limitations. Perhaps I thought I would be recognized and I would live with recognition of the gifts the world was granted by the words with which I spoke.

So that all the worlds inhabitants, each and every one was granted a wish of their own was what I thought would be the greatest cause of all. A wish to end all horrid things, a wish to make the world.

But the world went bright and dark, each wish wrestling for control with every other in every way. The rains would come and go in instants raining water, gold and gems along with burning dry.

The wealth and health of everyone came to bury all the vain, and wishes of ill will came too to kill them all the same. Each wish would come in balance, each repeat a thousand fold.

Where joys and terrors danced and the dead returned to life to only die as just before, and rich were stripped of coin and gold to receive it all again, to know what it was to be rich in pockets, they would know what it was to have nought.

And those who lived forever would age as they had before, and those who wished to be forever young became as babes who never lived beyond the crib.

The horrors of a wish laid bare, made worse by all gaining a wish which could be sown. If only it could be done again I would simply take care of my own.

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