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Beware the woods [archive].

There is much need for one to exercise caution in unfamiliar territories. But it is not for man and bandit or wolf and bear alone that one must watch. In some places there are other things to beware of, things which leave no footprints and whose calls often go unheard.

It is because of this that the Sages of Karadren have often warned the folk of different lands of other things which live about them. Yet so vast and varied are their sorts that the Sages rarely speak of many types to a people in one place. For the mortal races, it’s the traveling traders who know of much, though largely from other’s stories. For those which encounter many of these creatures, the first time is often their last.

As the Sages tell their own;

One must always be wary of the woods where the very will of nature will betray you. With the creaks and cracks of branch and twig and whistles of the wind, none of it being what you think it is as long as you are there. For the faerie folk, they speak in ways unknown to mortal ears. Discussing hate and hunger as they watch you take each step.

The woods cannot be trusted in the lands which they infest, even as the ruins of old might thrill, excite and invite. One must know full well they are ruins for a reason, ancient forts long held in wooden grasps as roots and branches entwine. Places made so long ago in memory long since faded, which tried so hard and valiantly to hold the hoards of faeries back.

Try as they might with all their strength, with finest stone and steel, those who stood against the faerie folk lost more than their homes alone. For many their whole bloodlines fell to the wrath of faerie folk, violent and hidden within plain sight, their kind seemed always cursed. Yet none so much as those of Veriné Fré who so angered the Dual God that he would exile them to that place.

As even Sages, despite their power, have themselves other races to fear.



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