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Those bodies above [archive].

One must wonder at times what the stars have been witness to. As generations grow and flourish or starve and vanish, all that has been and has happened under their watch. A watch they share with the moon and sun for which all plays out beneath them. Each day and night a new story to tell and lives to unfold, all of them the same save for their slight differences. And each difference multiplied as a king becomes a beggar in time.

In the night they show their glory, resplendent in their displays. As thought the sun has scattered like seeds emptied into the air by the wind. Who knows how many countless fates have been watched and hinted to by those marvelous visions that embrace the world as the sun takes its place beyond the horizon. Plotting perhaps, or resting before it retakes its place above.

Though the sun will cover the world from the dawn to dusk and twilight, it chases away the stars when it emerges, and the stars chase it as it goes. Barring the few exceptions and that phantom glow of the Ederren star, it is up to the moon to play its role as ambassador between the day and night. Appearing in both and neither, lighting the night time world as the sun or bringing the night to the day, it’s the stars which show themselves strongest.

Despite their power together with the moon, they show great mercies to the world below. From leading the way in the darkness, to hinting at a future, it is the stars which send the moon to discipline the sun with an eclipse. As each day the sun comes to claim the world for itself, only to be chased away. Now and then to have the day claimed again by the moon, the ambassador of the stars.

It is an ill omen when the moon covers the sun. As though the sun has conspired with the world below and its plans allowed to flourish. It takes the honor and courage of the folk who live and sleep beneath those stars, be they kings or beggars, to ensure that what ill tidings have been manifest, do not live out their dreams.


19 thoughts on “Those bodies above [archive].”

  1. By candle and firelight is the way to go. What’s very silly is having to do so much with just for the chance to be without. And even that without is regulated these days. As though a desperate grasping to stop any from daring to leave the joys brought on by nonsense.

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  2. Depends if you have a Dutch oven for ease, greenery or basic dough otherwise. Stick with a flat rock or skewers.
    Also, better to confront squeamishness early. That’s what camping with only a knife and bow gives. Fun times.

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