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The Conusk of Ethersol [archive].

About the world there are so many things whose presence and calls when heard send chills and shivers down the spines of any and all who have heard the stories. Yet there are those others who should create such a response, but are so legendary that any sane man or woman would think them just a fable.

Such is the great folly of those who would come against the Conusk. Pets of a Primal God in the ages far before the Great God War which left the world as it now lay. Great and ferocious beasts whose form is more as a specter than any creature familiar to the eyes of Lesser Mortals, and even to those Greater Mortals who pride themselves on knowing that which is otherwise secret.

As giant wolves those Conusk appear, with a height to man’s shoulders and teeth as daggers, they reflected their origins as creations of the Primal God of Water. Their legs appeared as waterfalls which ended at their paws, yet not a drop of water remain in the paths they wandered. Nor did the sound of such a cascade betray their whereabouts or alert one of their presence even as they confronted their prey.

Their strength and viciousness could be unparalleled in all the world, even the faerie folk of Ethersol, perversions or their race made for violence and slaughter, began to fear their presence and would flee unless in numbers vastly greater than those of the Conusk. But even then there would be many faerie dead for any one they managed to injure.

Despite their great size, the Conusk can vanish in an instant should water be present, and seldom do they venture far from it. As a Conusk makes contact with water, it becomes almost part of it. Becoming shapeless and formless, causing neither splash or ripple regardless of how forcefully they enter the surface. With no breath of air required, none save for the Dual God know what it is they do in the waves, but now and then they’re said to emerge to wander for prey or fun, or perhaps to search for their master.

As many would learn in their encounters with the Conusk, be it the legendary Serén or Meven Kýd, the Conusk will do what they will. Even those who accept their fate when standing against the Conusk will fight to the death to show the Dual God that they fear no challenge, even when it’s certain to be their last.

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