Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story


So still the waters lay before me, the ripples outrun as they make their own way behind.

The sun is hidden behind the world as the stars show twice around me. Once high up in the sky, and again around me on the waters which hold.

The moon lay before me in its splendor, full and glowing as the white sun of the night, leading the way as the stars.

On and on I row my boat, careless of life on the shores.

As a moth I will follow this light which shines so above and below, and perhaps I will cast my net too.

But here in this dark there is so little to see, but the wonders of heaven and water.

Little else matters in moment. A moment so pure and unspoiled.

So go these little things, destined to vanish to time.

But I will hold it as much as I can, as it is around me right now, and in memory I will know this place, in the lights of the night and the quiet.


5 thoughts on “Rowing.”

  1. How wonderful it would be to have such things to behold and be embraced by in the nature of the world. But such splendors are often lost in search of more power or coin.
    It would be sad if it weren’t so tiresome.


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