Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

Ancient watcher.

If only all could hear the words of silent ancient earth.

A witness to what was and is, staring with ever open eyes to the heavens and seas alike. Watching all things change in an instant as it turns to dust with the dawning and waning of centuries.

The lives made and lost have all occurred within their gaze. From wrecks at sea and upon the coast, and lovers making a leap together or to join the ones they lost.

The songs sang in most ancient times, and the forgotten melodies sung to newer words in times so much unlike the first.

The rocks and waves have seen them all, as guardians of time and memory.

If only one could hear the words of that silent ancient earth, a secret might be uncovered.

That no matter how great or low the life of a mortal is, the earth cares not enough to witness or recall.




A prompt response.

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