Sagas, Short story

My boy.

I see it in you already, that look and restless soul that wants to know what lay beyond the horizon.

It comes from a life made difficult by circumstance and fate. A hardship known since your very birth.

And from that I have known you, I have held you, and you have known me as the one who holds, feeds and warms.

In my embrace you have grown, and so will you continue. Until the day you are too big for my embrace and venture out to a world of your own.

I see within you a thirst to be, to grow and go onward to a fate of your own making. A fate which was once woven, but which you will tear apart and weave once more in a way which you see fit.

From my blood which runs in your veins, I pray that you will know not of heat or cold, nor of pain nor strain.

For in that blood from which we come, lay memories of horror and glory. Each to be embraced so the other will be understood.

One day, my son, you will take the world in which way you will. A world which knows not of what you are, but will know in time.

I see within you dreams which I once had, dreams as flames I wish for you to never extinguish or fall to embers.

I see it in you because I saw it in myself once so many years ago when my spirit was not worn down and jaded from harsh lessons and unforgiving experience.

I will not hold you back, when at last for you that time will come. But I will keep a port open for you.

And my hopes for you are simply this, that you will not only find what it is you seek, but that what you sought is what you hoped to find.

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