Lore, Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

To wake.

There are lessons to be learned from some cults of ages passed. Some whose time has come or will one day, or had been before the age of far flung legend was young or in a time one day to be.

There is one that would not be saddened by the passing of their own kind, for they knew what it was to be. For they knew that all of life’s importance exist solely in a moment, only now.

It mattered not if temples were built, their majesty standing tall. What mattered was that it was being built, each step to make with pride.

For all the world, to what it holds and where it resides is nothing but a dream.

No legend, fort or memory of life and death can break beyond its chains.

And all will be oblivion when the dreamer finally wakes.

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