Lore, Poem, Sagas, Weekend

Unseen visions.

Chaos rides upon the void to enter a world unprepared.

For the void is not a place, but a bridge which keeps itself empty.

Bringing through from one world to another and never holding on.

The void cares not for what it brings or takes away, so long as it remains a void.


And so comes chaos riding upon the void.

Coming once more to meet its whole.

And its whole will ride upon the void to another world in turn.


For one does not stay where the other has come,

And one does not come where the other has not been.

For they are one on either side of the rhythm.


The string of lute and lyre alike will vibrate,

And music will come from each.

One side over the middle and back,

A dance made too by order and chaos.


Come the waking world where chaos will rule the roost,

As hash as the ripple back and forth,

The void will open again too.


And there will pass through order to one,

And chaos will come to the other.

The void will be empty as it is to be.


And between bridge of the void,

Between the worlds in order and chaos,

One will become the other again,

And the vibration will again pass center.

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