Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

In water.

One might wonder if a fish would look to the blue above its waters and see above them a god of their very own. One that swims in the great blue dry, high above where none can reach.

For deep below in the darkness comes that which would feast upon their flesh, just as those fisherman who come upon the surface between them and blue above.

One might also consider such thoughts as nonsense, that which has no bearing on the world in any way. That fish are all but mindless creatures, part of a chain of food and fed.

But to that which is divine and greater than all thought, the world of man and all within might be seen as nothing but fish, scurrying in water and avoiding the net or the jaws of that about.

Staring at the same dry blue above and wondering what might be there looking down, what places are there to discover.

Oh but for the simple world of fish.

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