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Violence was always the answer. The only one to be heard by those who would listen not to reason or plea, not to fact or fear.

It is all there is to those case aside to serve a new God, a new faith based off the back and foundation of the old world, yet which holds all that came before as being guilty of all crimes. Especially those to which the new is most guilty of.

Words come in times of peace. They come and go to illustrate the world around. They come to let others know of truth and folly. Of consequences unforeseen and ignored alike.

But words are a weapon only to and from those with heart, soul and purpose. For they will be ignored and sacrificed to new Gods so willingly, that fact will become as fantasy and dreams as truth. And that which stands opposed to dreams of the new, must by necessity be that which must be destroyed.

Violence is inevitably the answer. And so it will become.

For when words are ignored, when history is rewritten, when the aggressor becomes the victim, when the criminal viewed as the victim, when insanity becomes that which is sane, then there can be no other answer.

For only violence will solve such problems. As it always has. For there is no other course when ears are deaf to truth.

And when the violence is done, when the hardships have been suffered and a generation will grow in peace, they will turn to words. Words whose volume will grow slowly softer, despite being spoken ever louder.


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