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The paid word.

What marvellous truths the written word can dispel when when the wealth of the corrupt springs forth to convince all it can of that which is truly right and wrong.

And to the readers of such words, convinced to the certainty and truth which those words bring, so is the world without question.

And should any dare to question such words, so must they be liars, fools, or wilfully ignorant of the truth which those words contain.

For those who do not accept without question must be an enemy, and a dangerous one at that.

Those who accept without question, they are the just, the right, the brilliant. And they know this is so, for they are told this from the words they read.

With corrupt and moneyed words, the lies and brought into existence.

With equally corrupt and greedy hands, those words are put to page.

And those best financed by war mongers, those whom the words agree with, they are downtrodden to be admired.

And those who would stand against such corruption, they are the enemies of all peoples.

So goes life on and on. Where the corrupt agree with each other, and retell the same words for which corruption has already paid.

And so the fools are noble, and so the just the wicked.

And all the world is sure it knows whose words it is they read.


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