Horror, Poem, Scenic, Short story, Weekend


It was by your act which I came to be.

Suspended in an abyss, separate from a world beyond, yet part of it in turn.

It may have been a moment or an eternity, I understand neither as I am.

For all the things that could be and that are, to me there is no difference.

All I know is that I feel your heart in mine.

When you wander, I am there with you.

By your act, I am in all places that you are.

Yet, by your choice I will be no more.

For I am the choice which has turned to inconvenience.

And before my eyes would open, they will be made to shut.

I would shed a tear if I knew only what wonders I will never know.

I would express my agony, could my voice at all be heard.

The abyss which I called home, will be the end of me.

And by your act, I am to be forgotten.


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