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From the very rock.

Stare upon your life and know that all parts of it came from one thing.

In the ages dark from memory, faded from light, sight and word. Long before the elders’ time, and even further than when ruins were new, but barely a dream for what a future could have been in the eyes of those from an age which started all.

Many know for certain they would do well alone in the world, in forests or scrub, to hunt and live. They know this for with them they would be sure to carry a flint, a knife and maybe provisions or other weapons.

But consider if you will, when man was young and stone was broken and carved by stone and the knowledge of where the next strike should be for a blade made of flint to pierce and cut.

When a strike against bone could very well see your quarry killed yet, but your knife would be broken and blunted.

Those were days when stone and bone were used as knives are now. Easy to break, but important for life.

Now hear that all things changed one day no one remembers, when stone of green was found and not used as any other. Not made or shaped or split into a blade in its stone form, but one day, and without knowing what or why, it was placed into a fire, a fire which burned with great and scorching heat.

A fire that had no business being made so, especially with what lay inside. Perhaps it was the colour of the flames which made them build it so, perhaps they were enthralled with a stone which turned fire green much like itself.

But when that fire died, inside lay a pool of copper cooled. For someone picked it up and saw and knew immediately its use.

And so one day long ago, forgotten by men and Gods, from wood and stone, from sweat and effort, a blade one day was born. The first of all its kind, a copper dagger from which all others would be copied and improved upon.

From copper, to bronze, to iron and steel, they owe their being to that first blade, and that first of men who looked among the ash of a fire which turned green.

Marvel, if you can, at the revelation that it is. That all you know that came from such a simple tool, was made first, one day, before any ever knew how.

Before any knew that it could.

And from that, the world you know, grew.


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