Scenic, Short story

Sweet dreams.

I had you when I woke up this morning. Just as you had been there every morning for all of these years.

A greeting, most welcome, to help start the day. Excitement and an embrace at the end.

But today is not one of those days, I’m afraid.

Today is bitter sweet.

For today I woke to see you, tonight I will see you no more.

And for the days that will follow, I will see your empty space. Where I once looked to see your eyes, nothing will be there to greet me.

A tear will greet me instead, as time slowly passes me by.

And grey will grow the memories which once were so fresh, as age will pass me by.

But you I will remember.

Your name and your embrace.

And to the day I too leave life, I will hold your memory dear.

But dream and hope are held that the world beyond is there.

For when I close my eyes one last time, I hope to open them with you near.

And as your eyes closed last, and as mine open first, the same words will be uttered.

“I am here with you now” I will say, as I had said back then.


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