Lore, Poem, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

So comes the next.

When the dawn comes, the dark will fade.

A darkness which was engulfing and omnipresent, which filled the sky, the sounds and smells of the world around, will be shown as an illusion to the great flame which rises in the sky.

All such things which come to pass, no matter how all encompassing they may seem.

But in the dark, the world is all uncertain, what shadows loom are more than real, what messages the wind will tell are sinister and comforting as the darkness dances about the world.

What from the outside is a terror, from the inside is a comfort, an embrace of shadows to watch together, the world which is outside.

So it is to be as one, so it is there to become, and be together with shadows far from the world which looms around.

And so the dark begins to fade, the heavens begin to show the remnants of a flame of sunset’s past.

And come the light of dawn, where darkness fades but is never forgotten, the light will be there, engulfing and omnipresent. To fill the sky with the sounds and smells of the world around, and show all that was as something else or little more than flights of fancy.

All such things which come to pass, no matter how much of the world they hold in their grasp, are now and will be no more.

For the world outside is aglow, and from within the warmth and blinding light shines through to show all around while being unseen in the glare.

Until the light begins to fail.

Until the sun finds the horizon, and the darkness begins to greet the world.

At first in long shadows and a horizon which glows, dimming with each and every passing moment.

Until at last the darkness comes, and the light fades into memory of sunrise past.

An embrace where all inside begins to hold greater sway, and all about are blind to see that which inside lingers.

So comes the comfort of being so unseen.


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