Lore, Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

Night gaze.

There is a time for war to wage, to sow and reap to live. But overlooked in life is simple deep inside the dark.

More than a time for lovers and a chance to drink, to tell and hear of stories old and new and boasts of humble and otherwise.

I lay myself in darkness down to close my eyes and dream. The sounds of a waking world will fade and vanish to a place unknown.

And there I see behind closed eyes a world shut off from life. A world where understanding comes from stories of old times.

For only when one takes the time to hear what had once been, can one then learn of all that was and will once be again.

So much in life cannot be done or seen or made by mortal hands. But here I see the dead that dance in a way which others can’t. They dance and sing in their own way, to them they speak and show.

And here I lay to learn and dream, to hear of all that was. And in the background Gods whisper there, of worlds made and thrown away.

What misfortune comes when dawn will rise and I return to the world of noise.

There is so much more to know and hear from a world beyond the sight of waking eyes.

A sight contaminated by plotting words, which hates al that had been.

Perhaps it’s time to dream again and forget the waking poison.

A poison that will kill in time but never kill what truly was.

Lore, Poem, Sagas, Weekend

Unseen visions.

Chaos rides upon the void to enter a world unprepared.

For the void is not a place, but a bridge which keeps itself empty.

Bringing through from one world to another and never holding on.

The void cares not for what it brings or takes away, so long as it remains a void. Continue reading “Unseen visions.”