'The Kýd' excerpt, Excerpt, Lore, Sagas

The hidden mountain path. -An excerpt.

Meven woke surrounded by clouds, so intense that he could barely see his hands before him. From in that mist, a dim light could be seen and the old conjuror stepped forth. As he welcomed the prince back to waking world, he took Meven’s hand, and brought him up to his feet. Meven was surprised as the clouds before him gave way, the uncertainty which dreams bring still fresh within his mind. Continue reading “The hidden mountain path. -An excerpt.”

'The Kýd' excerpt, Excerpt, Lore, Sagas

Eder Theín and the Adranis -An excerpt.

There were many ancient legends and beliefs about the world, but one stood out among the Adranis, one that linked them deeply to the land itself and the very place upon which Écnais-Adran sat. Though philosophers of the Adranis would consider what the myths and legends meant, children thought of such things as reality and sought to find and retrieve those great places, and none were as great as this. Long ago, it was said, before the Gods went to war against each other, the Arcane God had been pressed by the other Primal Gods to show his own realm. Continue reading “Eder Theín and the Adranis -An excerpt.”

'The Rovessian' excerpt, Excerpt, Sagas

Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.

I placed the jug beside the bed as she sat me back against the headboard, as quickly she stood upon the bed and moved her body most sensually. I could not believe my fortune, and indeed questioned my leaving, but at least I could return this way and bring her home with me to Roves, or at least allow her to believe it. No sense in ruining a complementary evening. Barely could I contain myself, as Lasel began removing the rest of her clothes, still dancing above me moving down, slowly coming closer as she forbade me from touching her. Continue reading “Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.”