Lore, Poem, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

Standing to lead.

Bursting with energy and ready to act. Ready to take the world head on and take it by it’s throat. That all would submit and know that which is true. So all would feel that which is felt in this moment.

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Lore, Poem, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

So comes the next.

When the dawn comes, the dark will fade.

A darkness which was engulfing and omnipresent, which filled the sky, the sounds and smells of the world around, will be shown as an illusion to the great flame which rises in the sky.

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Lore, Poem, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

Dawn to dusk and back.

Upon the shoulders of Gods came man to the world.

Nurtured by nature and hardship, and inspired by acts and deeds of those far greater, he poured his being to grow.

And grow he did in words then deeds, in bravery and stoic form.

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