'The Rovessian' excerpt, Excerpt, Sagas

Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.

I placed the jug beside the bed as she sat me back against the headboard, as quickly she stood upon the bed and moved her body most sensually. I could not believe my fortune, and indeed questioned my leaving, but at least I could return this way and bring her home with me to Roves, or at least allow her to believe it. No sense in ruining a complementary evening. Barely could I contain myself, as Lasel began removing the rest of her clothes, still dancing above me moving down, slowly coming closer as she forbade me from touching her. Continue reading “Sedrés finds love. ‘The Rovessian’ excerpt.”

'The Rovessian' excerpt, Sagas

The coast of Ores-Karán -An extract.

I swam with all the strength I could summon, though carried off course from where I had aimed; I was still heading for land. Harder and harder I swam, finding strength where I thought none remained, fighting against a current at times that wanted to bring me far away from my goal. The seas were harsher in that place as I grew closer to shore, the breaking waves and hidden dangers below I learned of by feel alone. Continue reading “The coast of Ores-Karán -An extract.”

'The Rovessian' excerpt, Sagas

‘The Rovessian’ extract, the gift and the task.

Our control of the power gifted to us by the faeries all those years ago is well honed and practiced, none are aware of what we have except perhaps the Sages, but they only share the secrets of a race with those of that race to ensure such things are never forgotten. I would imagine at this point, my people could be regarded as the best spies and thieves the world has ever known, if we were terrible at our work. Continue reading “‘The Rovessian’ extract, the gift and the task.”