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Of specters [archive].

They roam where defeat and victory are forgotten whispers which changed from one side to the other. Where the damned were left confined by hopeful will and tragic force. This is where they linger now, cursed in one way or another. Always aware, forgetful of all but for those moments which brought them there. Continue reading “Of specters [archive].”

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Of the foundations [archive].

One should always reflect on the songs which meet their ears, the sights which encompass the lowliest hovels and grandest castles alike. The tastes of a local food and the smells of tended gardens and food markets alike. Likewise, one should always savor a story, whether the boasts of heroes and those that remember them or a myth which shows how a standing rock got its name, a body its notoriety, or why the dead are kept in a cave, crypt or simply burned. Continue reading “Of the foundations [archive].”

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A folk philosophy [archive].

We are all here basking in the sun that nourishes the good and the wicked. We all stumble in the same darkness in which some fear and others revel. There is little more that can be done aside from take control of what is there and what is not. If a man cannot take the life with which he is blessed within his own hands and do with it what he will, then he is already dead. And those that say it must be so are those which took his life. Continue reading “A folk philosophy [archive].”

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The Conusk of Ethersol [archive].

About the world there are so many things whose presence and calls when heard send chills and shivers down the spines of any and all who have heard the stories. Yet there are those others who should create such a response, but are so legendary that any sane man or woman would think them just a fable. Continue reading “The Conusk of Ethersol [archive].”

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Beyond [archive].

There is truth beyond the realms of folk. Beyond a group structured and ordered in a way that makes sense only to them. To where answers need not be given, and strength often left open to interpretation. Truth is not where others operate and seek their own version of order. It is there beyond. Continue reading “Beyond [archive].”