Lore, Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story, Weekend

Old memories.

The memories of the fading lights remain, though years have passed.

That which would glow so strong and strikingly, with frame within them, as a moon in the night sky dims the stars about it.

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Lore, Poem, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

In the cold dark place.

It crept in on a quiet morning, without a word or whisper to betray itself. The sleepers never knew of its presence, dreaming dreams of regret, lust or hopes for what might be if only..

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Lore, Poem, Scenic, Short story

The fire tree.

We’ve all been at the precipace of nothing. Though few know it. Fewer still have walked away from viewing the horrors of nothing and all that truly entails, only to stand tall, a fire behind the eyes lit, growing stronger still ’til fate sees it extinguished.

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