Lore, Sagas, Short story

Of specters [archive].

They roam where defeat and victory are forgotten whispers which changed from one side to the other. Where the damned were left confined by hopeful will and tragic force. This is where they linger now, cursed in one way or another. Always aware, forgetful of all but for those moments which brought them there. Continue reading “Of specters [archive].”

Lore, Sagas

A stalking fox.

Of the many things in the world to which one should be made aware, there are some, rare and half forgotten which should never fade from memory. They live and linger near and far from folk of every walk of life regardless of whose banner their land falls under. Only the Sages know for certain, but outside them it is almost lost to the noise of new importance. Until trials and tribulation come as can be seen in the land of Roves. Continue reading “A stalking fox.”

Lore, Sagas, Short story

Between the hills.

It was a bright and stormy morning, lit by flashes of thunder among the gloom, as rain poured down the hills as one to carve through the sandy soil. The earth was almost lost beneath the streams and growing muddied pools of rain, as only long blades of grass and trees showed it was there. The trees too were burdened more than with their roots beneath the water, as their leaves beaten from above and branches weighted by the rain. Continue reading “Between the hills.”