It is by the will of fate alone that life should begin as such. Confined to a place without walls or borders, without guards or oversight outside of one’s own governance. Perhaps it is a luxury not befitting one which life has doomed to a single place. Perhaps the blessing one should seek after all is to never have the ambition to chase the greener pastures which always lay beyond. Continue reading “Trapped.”

Lore, Sagas


There is truth beyond the realms of folk. Beyond a group structured and ordered in a way that makes sense only to them. To where answers need not be given, and strength often left open to interpretation. Truth is not where others operate and seek their own version of order. It is there beyond. Continue reading “Beyond.”

Lore, Sagas

A stalking fox.

Of the many things in the world to which one should be made aware, there are some, rare and half forgotten which should never fade from memory. They live and linger near and far from folk of every walk of life regardless of whose banner their land falls under. Only the Sages know for certain, but outside them it is almost lost to the noise of new importance. Until trials and tribulation come as can be seen in the land of Roves. Continue reading “A stalking fox.”