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The yellow fox and the Clúanaire [archived].

Of the many things in the world to which one should be made aware, there are some, rare and half forgotten which should never fade from memory. They live and linger near and far from folk of every walk of life regardless of whose banner their land falls under. Only the Sages know for certain, but outside them it is almost lost to the noise of new importance. Until trials and tribulation come as can be seen in the land of Roves. Continue reading “The yellow fox and the Clúanaire [archived].”

Horror, Sagas, Short story

A swim in my waters. -The Bélbáidid. [archive]

The sea holds many dangers, so much we all know to be true. But this is certainly not true for my little corner of beach and sea. Here where the waters are a blue tinted clear and the sands a white yellow, there are fish that are plentiful with a thick layer of flesh. There are shells which reflect all manner of colors on the inside as a hidden treasure while the outside appears as a mundane rock, and the water’s temperature seems to echo the hours before. Continue reading “A swim in my waters. -The Bélbáidid. [archive]”

Horror, Lore, Sagas, Short story, Weekend

The quiet man. -Ferciúin [archive]

In the places south of Roves there lives a legend of a different kind. One which haunts both young and old alike in every walk of life. It is the legend of the quiet man which stalks the edge of those people’s thoughts. The quiet man who strikes at a pace of his own and will not be rushed or denied. For his time comes eventually for all as only a God would be immune. But still he comes each step is closer with but one thing slowing him down. Continue reading “The quiet man. -Ferciúin [archive]”