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As it was and is [archive].

They say that all which remains in this world is but a whisper of its former days. I’m often inclined to agree. Though there still remain such whispers, floundering upon the winds. Sometimes they gather in number, as in a valley, and like thunder, echo with such force that one is shaken to the bone. Continue reading “As it was and is [archive].”

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Those temples and ruins [archive].

Some of them remain in far away places, those temples to the Primals. In mountains seldom graced by folk but frozen in ice and time. That is where the great monoliths slumber, those most simple to find. Others still lay deep in earth and far beneath the waves. Only two temples in the world are in reach, the ruins of a temple to Air on the Phantom Isles being the only widely known. The Sorcerers who live and worshiped there are cursed to never see it rebuilt, a curse they so eagerly wish to lift. Continue reading “Those temples and ruins [archive].”

Lore, Sagas, Scenic, Short story

Beware the woods [archive].

There is much need for one to exercise caution in unfamiliar territories. But it is not for man and bandit or wolf and bear alone that one must watch. In some places there are other things to beware of, things which leave no footprints and whose calls often go unheard. Continue reading “Beware the woods [archive].”

Lore, Sagas

The beast of Epher [archive].

In the land of Epher there are many legends which revolve around the great mountain of fire and the plains of ash which surround it. The battleground of Gods where screams can still be heard with every eruption, the pure waters which come from neighboring peaks, these things are freely known to all strangers in realms both near and far. But one story of Epher is not known to the outside, excluding of course the Sages. For it is a shame upon the people still. Continue reading “The beast of Epher [archive].”

Lore, Sagas

The waters whisper [archive].

The waters hold as much truth as they do mystery. They have been the not so silent witness in puddles, streams and rivers, seas, oceans and rains. Yet so often are they disregarded as knowers of what was and is. There are many lessons which are to be learned by the sea. Whether standing on the shore in search of fish or taking a ship out to hunt whales or discover new lands, or the glory of conquest. Continue reading “The waters whisper [archive].”