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Unseen visions.

Chaos rides upon the void to enter a world unprepared.

For the void is not a place, but a bridge which keeps itself empty.

Bringing through from one world to another and never holding on.

The void cares not for what it brings or takes away, so long as it remains a void. Continue reading “Unseen visions.”

Lore, Poem, Sagas

A folk philosophy [archive].

We are all here basking in the sun that nourishes the good and the wicked. We all stumble in the same darkness in which some fear and others revel. There is little more that can be done aside from take control of what is there and what is not. If a man cannot take the life with which he is blessed within his own hands and do with it what he will, then he is already dead. And those that say it must be so are those which took his life. Continue reading “A folk philosophy [archive].”