Horror, Sagas, Short story

A swim in my waters. -The Bélbáidid.

The sea holds many dangers, so much we all know to be true. But this is certainly not true for my little corner of beach and sea. Here where the waters are a blue tinted clear and the sands a white yellow, there are fish that are plentiful with a thick layer of flesh. There are shells which reflect all manner of colors on the inside as a hidden treasure while the outside appears as a mundane rock, and the water’s temperature seems to echo the hours before.

In the greatest heat of day, my waters cool the hottest soul. Sweeping around any who relax as the current washes the heat away, a feeling which could only be made better if salt water could be drank. In the cold of the night my waters embrace those who enter, swirling about with a warm tide that even under the darkest sky would keep anyone from feeling a chill.

My waters see so few these days, just me most of the time. I catch now and then what fish I need and keep mostly out of sight. My waters have a reputation for their bounty, one which compels the hungry to my shores. Cut off from the ocean by all but deep tunnels, it’s only ever visitors by land who can reach my clear and deep waters.

There can be shadows in this place, just out of sight in the depths. A visitor might come to my waters and feel the refreshing waves. Their bodies will not want them to leave and return to shore, and I am too happy to watch. From those places below I smile as they enter, as a trance takes hold of their being. Once they enter my waters they will never be dry again.

They step and wade and paddle themselves out to the center of my waters, hypnotized by the comfort it brings. Just a taste of a leg and maybe a torso will keep me satisfied. For now at least I will take them below and drink in the calm of their eyes. The smile my waters bring will mask their horror as the breath drains away from their bodies.

The flesh of those who enter my waters will nourish me for now. The blood will be washed out into the sea and their bones line the walls of my tunnels. Now and then I will eat a fish as I wait for a good meal to come. So I wait for another to enter my waters seeking comfort from elements outside.


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