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The rings.

From deep in memory lost long before the dream of life had sprung, so those mists were skies of clear and ever present blue.

Once there were fires to light the night, with flames to kiss both moon and stars alike, but dark they fall when sun will find its place beyond the cloudy horizon.

A circle of stone, to watch the heavens and mark their place, it was once so very much alive in more ways than one could imagine now.

So the Sages tell that they would dance within those circles to welcome the seasons’ change. And burn the bodies of leaders and warriors alike so that the heavens might take notice.

And even long before those dances and ceremonies of joy and sadness alike, there were others who would dance.

For the circle is not made of stone, but of the dancing creatures turned to rock in the days before man.

In celebration of the night they danced until the sun emerged from its slumber, and joyously they met that light to forever stand in their place.

But now it’s silent in that place, its purpose long forgotten. Danced around by those certain that their news ways are the old.

But when those charlatans leave that place and between the season changes it’s forgotten, those who know that little more can sit inside that ring.

And in the corners of the eye, where echoes seem to live, a glimpse of once a mighty past might soon enough begin.




A prompt response.

15 thoughts on “The rings.”

  1. A beautiful and atmospheric piece. And it holds much truth. There is so much we do not know about how these places were used, though many still use them. Perhaps the stones can still whisper…

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  2. That is beautiful. And coincidentally I’ve been listening to podcasts on YouTube by the Prehistoric Guys, about stone circles. And besides even that, to northwest of Stonehenge is a causewayed camp know as Robin Hood’s Ball, a name that fascinates me since our word *ball* means a dance. Just a thought 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a nice place. But then again, anything away from others sounds nice.
    I first had the misfortune of meeting people at a stone circle who were adamant they were druids following the rites and practices of pre-Christian Europe.
    How coincidental that everything was based off modern Paganism.
    Not listened to any youtube podcast things though, so much always seems to have a flavour.

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  4. The Prehistory Guys are totally real, not themselves archaeologists, more educated enthusiasts. They raise different questions and discuss them. Such as neolithic trade. The programmes they’ve done on the Orkneys are excellent

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