Sagas, Scenic, Short story

A journey.

The old unmarked trails, the seas and vast lakes, they are all as a danger to the unknowing. A road without thieves, or the sound of a soul, come dark we are further alone.

As the wind blows to carry the night’s chill, we move ever further on. Into the dark and silence, into the waves and reflections, the journey carries on no matter what happens, no matter how far from home.

One looks to the heavens, where stellar bodies dance, as though Gods and spirits wander above with lanterns to brighten the black, perhaps in search of a sun since vanished over the horizon.

Yet always they are in the place they belong, to show the way in the dark. Each star in its group to point to the next and guide us to where we should go. And in doing so they show from where we came, the home to which we will return.

And while the stars show the way, the moon lights the path, until the sun lights the world once more.




A prompt response.

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