Lore, Midweek, Short story


With my own eyes I saw a sight so horrid I wished it to be an agonizing nightmare.

If only there would be such luxuries as to wake in a cold sweat and strive through a sleepless night or ten.

My own eyes have seen torture, death, and suffering in all ways. Sometimes of others, sometimes my own.

But for my eyes to fall upon this, what sickening perversion, what absolute disgust, what rage like an inferno swells up within my breast and urges me to unleash what suffering is due.

I can contain my disgust no more. And for no reason should I withhold it.

For I saw the smiling glances and cheers of parents, who from behind dead eyes would push their child to debase himself, to act as though it were injured and harmed, so that they would be granted cheers and pity from those who wandered by.

The child was tired and frail, embarrassed and wishing not to go on, but no such concerns crossed the minds of the child’s elders, who declared any and all afflictions their child supposedly suffered so that they might be granted a moment or coin to feed their egos over all else.

The child was kept ill-fed, in his heart, his belly and mind, for the illusion of his sickly appearance rest upon his sickness being inflicted.

Were there a just world, it would not only be those parents starved, but carved before the crowd. So they might enjoy the spectacle they are, and only those worthy such suffering be given what is due.

Were I to be like so many before, to offer nourishment to this boy, the parents would intervene, for he, is sickly, you see, and only what they feed him without explaining what that is, can be given to his frail form.

Such horrors I have witnessed in this life of mine. But a guardian and teacher to abuse what the Gods lay in their charge, and all for a moment of attention. I should see whatever light dwells within their eyes extinguished for what they do.

As night is long, as day will come, as rain unites heaven and earth with water, so too shall fate come, or be made to come to give everyone their due.


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